There is something to be said about starting a digital journal to toy with the idea of a futurist world, and then that idea becoming your reality.

The world has changed.

Who knew that it would be now, that it would be us who have to stand and witness the rapid decline of our world, our heritage, our lives. Everything that we knew, everything that once felt so solid, rapidly falling apart. The compassion, the trust, the sense of community, slipping away like quick sand.

This is just the beginning.

To think that it all started as low whispers – a virus has taken a small town in a land far away. ‘It won’t reach us’ – we all thought. How foolish were we? But then again, did we really ever imagine that this would happen to us? In our lifetime? This is not some virtual stream with some big superhero wearing a cape. There is no one to save us from this hell. Not this time.

This is just the beginning.

And just when you thought life was already bad enough, the cracks in our humanity that were once sealed with nothing but tape, tore open, releasing with it all the pain and sufferings felts by generations. This time we cannot it blame it on a virus – society is killing itself from within. A cancer that has been slowing taking lives and suddenly has been ‘discovered’. Years of suffering, pain and oppression coming to the surface for all of us to see and witness. It is ugly, but is the truth. Humanity is ugly. Maybe a virus wiping us all out is not such a bad idea anymore.

Was the world ever a beautiful place? Where we ever happy? Or were we all pretending? I am struggling to remember better times, and this scares me as this inferno has only just began. I see those around me crumble in the sorrows and loneliness, searching for anything that brings them a moment of peace – for many is a bottle, for others is the cold feel of a blade. I am afraid. Afraid that I cannot save anyone, afraid that I am unable to move because I am frozen in my own despair.

The world has changed.

That much I know. For what I thought I once knew the world, it is no longer the case. These four walls which not too long ago felt like a prison, now feel like my only comfort. The outside world is unrecognizable to my eyes. My own race is my enemy.

The world has changed.


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