Onyx reporting for duty. I guess I should start by giving some sort of apology for my absence, but I think we have established by now that I am not one for keeping up with routines. You can say I am unpredictable, I call it being lazy.

It seems the country and half the world is on lockdown. It feels bizarre, because we thought we were living in a dystopian future as it was, but this just took things to a new level of futurism. I am on day 12 (or is it 14? it’s hard keeping count with the days) of my own lockdown, and it does feel like the outside world is on an entirely different solar system than my hab. It almost feel like 1984 married Blade Runner. Hmm….here I am quoting pre-Tech films again. I must be me feeling nostalgic for older times as usual.

I guess for some people, specially those living alone, this situation has proven to be a real challenge. Luckily we have social comms and an increasingly amount of virtual worlds at our disposal to keep the brain stimulus going. I have always been more or less alone, and I love being in my hab, so it is not so bad. I am also co-sharing the hab with my life partner which has been interesting to say the least. He loves me being around all day, while I am missing my dark and twisted nights with my crew at the Citadel. And this is manifesting by the glass of contraband liquid I sip on each night while watching my favourite streams.

Like many people, I am trying to use this time wisely. Things are progressing with the hab; the outdoor storage unit is coming along nicely, the dust has been swept from the corners and the space feels a bit more homely. I am still working, albeit, from my box hab, but it does mean I do not posses the free time that others have. Still, not having to transit for 3 hours a day makes a difference. I feel more sane these past two weeks than I have in a long time.

I am using this time to try to set boundaries with the office. I don’t check my work comms after 1630 and during my shift, I try to actually eat my rations away from the terminal. Small steps to have some sort of balance whilst keeping my anxiety levels down. I am also trying to exercise more as I can see the weight creeping on rather quickly as each day passes. Annoyingly I don’t eat much, but my body hates me. And yes, the exercise thing is not working very well. I bought some new running gear to motivate me – the boxes still sitting by the bottom of the rack proving that the running will not commence any time soon. I even splashed out on a cycle, yup, one of those old school ones where you actually have to pedal. The shiny cycle has been propped by the door since Saturday (mind you, it has one of those quite straw baskets and a bell!). I guess I am just good at spending credits, whether it is on nights out, or on pointless gear. I just like to spend credits on things that mean nothing. Good to see the lockdown hasn’t changed many things.

So, to the outside world….how are you coping with all of this? Are you alone, or stranded with someone you hate so much you wished you were alone? Or maybe, you are lucky and love all of this? Maybe this is the break you have been after for so long? What does this mean to you?

Life has definitely become simpler – it makes me think of the Pre-Tech days, and how our Olders used to live. Maybe this was how it was – fighting for survival – even if by surviving all we are doing is staying in our habs, and only facing daylight for supplies and some fresh air.

I do wonder what will the world look like after this. It feels like this came at a time when the Earth needed the most – humanoids are the poison of this planet, and the planet is returning us the favour.

Who knows? All I know if that we are in this together.


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