The case stands open.

Its empty space intimidating me. The panic starts to set it. It comes out in short terse replies, agitated nervous body movements and compulsive checks of documentation.

I am heading to Tech City. A 12-hour journey on the hyper-transit. The transition itself doesn’t bother me, never has. The travel, however, it cripples me.

A desperate nagging fear, heart beating twice its normal rate, entire body wound like a spring.

I begin to pack the clothes, first counting out underwear. Socks. T-shirts. A set of each for every day that I am staying. A few extra days’ worth of each.

Just in case.

Line up the trousers. Check I have a belt first, forgot it last time. Had to buy a new one, wasn’t cheap. Jeans or smart? Travelling for business, this time, but previous ventures have been casual. Pack both and a Jacket.

Just in case.

Grab the washbag, check inside. Toothbrush, multiples, extras from my last visit. Tech City hotels always provide a good refill. Toothpaste, body wash, shampoo. All multiples.

Just in case.

Odd and ends next. Start with the functional. Comms unit charger. Universal power adapter. Universal cable adapter. Data Slate. Work Identification tag. Additional charging cables.

Just in case.

Main bag done. Time to pack the travel pack. The one I’ll take on the Jet with me.

Work Travel Terminal. Luxury Travel Terminal. Doc Reader. Those should keep me occupied during the journey. Headphones; noise cancelling. Drowning out both the roaring engines of the transit craft and the inane musings of other passengers. Switch them all on, check the power: should last the journey. Pack the chargers.

Just in case.

Last thing to pack: Docs. Identification book. Check expiry date, same as before: six years left. Same as yesterday. Same as the day before. Same as the last trip. Confirmation docs. Hotel. Transit. Directions from the Hyper Terminal. Check the date once more. Just in case it has changed while I wasn’t looking. It won’t, I know that. But still, I check.

Packing done. ready to go. Seal the case, the carry-on. Nagging feeling still persists. Something forgotten. An eventuality not considered.

Unseal the case. Empty the contents of the carry-on. Check again.

Just in case.


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