85558e23-57eb-4cda-ae3e-f23ac9b37a31Not sure there’s much to report, today.

Woke up late, rested and recharged. Left the bed-pod, and straight away noticed the smell of the waste unit. Auto-fresheners in the hab must have masked it for the last couple of days, and I just hadn’t noticed it. Wasn’t even full, but something in there had decided to ripen.

Well, that needed solving. Jumped in shower, got dressed, then emptied the unit outside. Put the auto-freshener back on and opened the windows. That quickly solved the odour. Made a caf. Then ran out of caf, too. Okay, need to get more. Noticed the hab wasn’t as bright as usual… two spots have burned out. Right, those need replacing as well. Supply run.

Went out for supplies, picked up a few other bits, but distracted myself and forgot to get caf. Got the wrong replacement spots, too, mismatched from the rest of the roof lights. Looks like I’ll be heading out again, tomorrow.

At least the weather is uneventful. Easy enough to wrap up against.

Strolled past the local shops as it got dark, looking over to the lights of central, seeming both near and far at the same time. It wasn’t a clear evening, the usual flicker of city lights was dimmed by low, sluggish cloud.

I wondered what lives were being lived out there, this Saturday night. What new loves are bing discovered, what new joys found? Is there a meet cute happening, even as I watch on? What parties are unfolding?

Sat in a bar for a bit, checking bulletins and news updates on the feed. Checked the social updates too. Sent a few messages. Nothing eventful sent, nothing eventful received. Not even people-watching felt worth the effort tonight, so I went on back to the hab, where I put on re-runs of a stim I’ve watched before. A show about solo-speeder outlaws, lawless in their dream to live free.

The hab, tonight, is bunker against the world; on a night where the world isn’t needed.

Another turn of planet, another twenty four hours passed on by. Not a lot going on to report, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? There doesn’t have to be, for a day to still be okay.


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