Planned lie-in, today. Slept until 0615. Rest day, taking a break from the morning workout. Still commuting in by bike, but resting from the resistance stuff. Needed it, after the struggle back through the storm to the hab last night. Other than that, the health routine seems to be sticking.

Scanner tells me that body-fat is down. 19.0% this time last week, 18.1% this week. Going the right direction. But that is probably the first, easy, shed of the holiday junk. Next, is the harder drive – down into the 17’s. Keep at the routine, keep eating better. Keep active. Push onward.

Still negotiating with the insurance firm over the damaged data-slate. Looks like they have me bang to rights on a lack of cover. Turns out I made a mistake in setting up the policy, back when I keyed it all in to their portal. Would have helped to speak to a human, but that’s not how it’s done, these days.

CN20Maintain_sml320To fix, that will cost credits I just don’t have. One last thread of hope remains, though. The mistake I made is clear on their records, and I’ve been a ‘loyal customer’ these past few years. Agent I spoke to took pity, offered to see if there is anything they can do.

It’s a slim hope, but it is there, for now. Might need to sell some old junk, otherwise. See if I can generate the credits that way.

I push that to the back of my mind. I can’t do anything until I hear from them. I take an evening to relax. Hab/life maintenance needs don’t, for once, feel like like they are about to overwhelm me. But at the same time, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m not doing enough for myself. Hobbies are waiting for me. Friends are absent. Neither of those can be left for long, before life drops to just… being there. Got to keep the passions fed. Got to keep the social-life breathing.

Make a resolve to self; find a way to add these back in.


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